While it is true the Pretty Ponies DO sell Faster....Today you get to learn about the lovely term PPSF or Price Per Square Ft.  Many people use the PPSF to negotiate their price or find their asking price based on the homes that have sold/are for sale around them but it isn't always the best way.


 PPSF is a tricky thing, It doesn’t take into consideration quality of the amenities, (ie. a gourmet kitchen, a 3 car garage, energy efficient windows ) and simple things like the layout of a floorplan, curb appeal and so many other things that make a buyer fall in love with a home.


BUT buyers do use the PPSF as a reason to rule out a home before even stepping foot inside so this would be a reason to not OVER upgrade if you are thinking of selling soon. The best rule is to put the things you love into a home and maintain it well and a future buyer will “feel the love” and not hesitate to appreciate thought, time and $$$ you put into your home.




A simple way to look at home prices per sq foot would be by age:


36 New Homes SOLD in Clovis Last year: Average $120/Sq Ft


67 Resale Homes 1-5 Years Old in Clovis: $115.98/sq ft


51 homes between 6-10 years old: $106.33/sq ft


33  homes between 11-20 years old: $97.78/sq ft


249 homes over 20 years old : $70.98/sq ft




And some subdivisions in Clovis:


Carmel and Almond Tree : $119.09 ( Year built 2010-2015)


Providence: $129.03 all built in 2014-2015


Raintree: $122 Year built 2008-2014


Sandzen: $120 Year built 1986-1998


Colonial Park: $94 ( yr built from 1967-2013 with an average year built of 1986)






Here is a run down of the average PPSFT in different areas of Clovis.


Of all of the homes SOLD in the last year


NE Clovis North of Llano and East of Norris (Area F2). : $116 (Yr built range 1990-2014  average: 2006)


East of Prince, S of Llano and W of Norris N of 21st (E2): $94 Yr built range 1963-2012 with avg: 1986)


E of Prince W of Norris N of 14 and S of 21 (E1): $74 Year built 1959-2005 avg:1972)


Jonquil Park East, Remuda & Northglen (E3): $104 ( Year built rand 1979-2012 avg: 1999)


S of 21st East of Norris N of 14th (E4): $109 (Year built 1962-2015 avg: 2004)


Nw Clovis North of 21st and W of Prince : $66/ sq ft  (avg year built 1964)


SW Clovis (West of Prince South of 21st): $44.24 30 homes with average year built of 1942. This doesn’t include the 2 homes on Dale Street that were new and sold for $104-109/sq ft.




Im sure that last bit of area comparisons lost you but if you are still here reading here is a sample of the map Realtors use to define areas in Clovis.. I’m doing this by memory so I may be a street or two off on the boundaries.




Prices per square foot do not account for custom touches, school zones, neighborhoods, TREES, and many other things, It is best to have your favorite Realtor compare the home you are considering to others in the immediate or comparable neighborhoods to determine if you are getting a great deal on the home you love or not.